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The Power Of Diverse Influencer Marketing

Now more than ever, it is evident around the world that influencers are the new gatekeepers of what is worth knowing, having, doing, wearing, and listening to, ultimately wielding enormous purchasing power. Influencer marketing has become one of the most crucial and effective ways to increase sales and build a community. They're the ones who hold the key to connecting with your target audience and they’re the ones who consumers trust.

The pivotal events that ignited the evolution of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020, created room for much needed conversation and most importantly - change. Although there is still a lot of work yet to be done, we have witnessed (whether small or big) a visible shift within all industries. This change has resulted in an increase of consciousness within brands to be more inclusive and proactively provide opportunities to work with and communicate directly with a diverse target audience. The power of black and diverse Micro & Macro influencers has become a must when it comes to marketing strategies globally and as the industry continues to grow (currently estimated to reach £12.57 billion by the end of 2022), whether you’re an influencer or a brand hoping to maximise your social platforms through influencer marketing the below top tips are a must!

Simple Tips To Grow Your Social Media Audience

Remain humble and network: No matter how many followers you have, or how much you believe that you’re known, it’s always good to stay present and organically build new relationships that can help you grow.

Tap into your niche: The key is knowing what is going to accelerate your socials and set you slightly apart from others. Here are some ideas to help you stand out from the crowd:

  • Incorporate your hobbies into your content: This is will enable you open the door to organic campaigns

  • Keep the number of your likes visible!

  • Don’t just tag what you’ve been gifted on your story if you want to build a long term relationship with a brand. Use this opportunity to create some viewer-worthy content. Ask yourself, 'why would my audience be interested in this?'

  • Keep a record of your insights with the brands you would love to work with so you have proof of your performance

  • Be adaptable to the market of social (spend some time to learn new skills/tricks on other platforms) even if your following is not as high, it is good to have more than one social playing field you can utilise to maximise your potential monetary collaborations

  • Continue to post organically in between your paid collaborations. It’s important for your followers to remain connected to the things they love about you

  • Seventeen of 27 (63 percent) remakes were more expensive to make, adjusting for inflation, averaging a $79 million higher price tag. Of the movies with higher production costs, 10 of 17 produced less revenue, again adjusting for inflation.

  • 21 of 27 remakes had lower audience scores, averaging 26 points worse.

  • 22 of 27 remakes had lower critics scores, averaging 33 points worse.

  • The biggest duds were Poltergeist and Hellboy.

  • A few bright spots were The Jungle Book and Pete’s Dragon.

  • Only 10 of 27 (37 percent) remakes were more profitable than their original counterpart. On average, remakes produce $146.3 million in profit.

Authentically Diversify Your Brand

Unauthentic attempts to show solidarity became quickly apparent as diverse consumers lost trust in brands they noticed did not continue to follow through with displaying inclusive content and opportunities. Twitter debates and Clubhouse rooms have made it clear diverse consumers are tired of seeing promotional content with no relevance to the talent involved and misrepresentation is unacceptable. This is why diverse influencer marketing has been a key tool to bridge the gap for consumers to gain more trust and understanding with brands mentioned by their favourite influencers as they can distinguish a genuine connection with the brand.

Simple Tips To Diversify Your Brand Authentically:

  • Hire agencies that specialise in diverse influencer marketing and services

  • Seek guidance from agencies who can help tailor briefs to diverse audiences to keep it authentic to the talent and their followers

  • Utilise social platforms like Twitter to keep up with trends and/or issues that are being highlighted within diverse groups and see how you can actively help.

  • Establish a budget for diverse influencers that demonstrates equality and reflects your appreciation for their time, voice, presence, and content.

  • Customize the outreach selection process to reflect a thorough understanding of the difficulties they face.

For a consultation on how we can help you stay ahead of the curve, reflect the audience you're trying to reach and inject authentic culture into your campaigns, please see our service page and get in touch.

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