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We've collaborated with a wide range of brands, including Motown UK, Atlantic Records, Empire, 5K, and many others, to assist them in engaging and reaching out to new audiences. Our creativity and industry knowledge have repeatedly shown to be effective.


Working with us will ensure that brands' offerings are authentic and organic, and that their content and campaigns are inclusive, thereby attracting a wider audience.


We produce successful, tailored and measurable influencer strategies for artist campaigns by hand-picking the creators we work with for each campaign to ensure authenticity and the best outcome for the artist.


We create new and memorable experiences for artists. We produce events that their audience would love, remember and drive engagement across social media platforms.


With VAMP, your campaign will benefit from our wide ranging relationships with key publications and platforms receiving maximised press coverage to help bolster your campaign. We are also perfectly placed to execute an engaging operation that brings your brand to the forefront. Our Marketing team alongside with the help of data and analytics have proven success on all platforms, including Instagram and TikTok, will be on hand with their expertise at your disposal.

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